Best Place to Sell Bullion in San Diego

San Diego Bullion Buyers

San Diego Bullion Buyers pay cash for gold bullion and silver bullion.

sell Bullion in San diego
We buy gold coins, gold bars and gold bullion.


We buy all types of gold bullion bars, including the Swiss Pamp Bar, various Mint bars and bullion gold coins such as the American Eagle Gold bullion coins, Buffalo Round gold bullion coins, gold Maple Leaf bullion coins including the 0.999 purity as well as 0.9999 purity.

We also buy the South African Krugerrand gold bullion coins as well as all denomination of gold bullion in San Diego.

San Diego Bullion buyers also buys gold nuggets, melted gold bars, dental gold and gold and platinum wire.

If you are looking to sell bullion in San Diego, come in and see for yourself why our customers say we are the best place to sell bullion in San Diego.


At San Diego bullion buyers we buy all types of silver bullion bars and coins.

Whether you are selling Buffalo Rounds, American Eagle Silver bullion, South African Kruggerand silver bullion or silver bars in any denomination, including 1 oz., 10 oz., 100 oz. or 1 Kilo silver bullion bars, San Diego Bullion buyers will pay you cash for your bullion.

The Process

Simply come in with your gold and silver bullion and bring your ID with you. Our professional San Diego bullion buyers will assess your items and provide you with a cash quote based on the day’s SPOT gold prices and SPOT silver prices.

Come to our luxury state of the art showroom, no appointment necessary. Our professional friendly staff will make the process and enjoyable experience for you.

Call Us Today at (888) 93COINS or click here to contact us.

Cash for Gold Bullion

If you are looking for “bullion buyers near me” or “the best place to sell bullion”, don’t look any further. Shop around everywhere and then give San Diego Bullion Buyers a call for a quote for your gold bullion. We are also buyers of silver bullion including coins, bars, nuggets, ingots and we even buy dental gold.

Come in today, no appointment necessary and get paid cash for your bullion today.